Door to Door Sales

Door to door sales is a type of marketing technique that employs direct selling. Direct sales is a tactic by manufacturers and businesses where they will have direct meetings with
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Mail Order Sales

Mail order sales is a type of indirect selling technique in which a customer will place an order for purchase and the goods will be delivered to his or her
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Online Sales

Online sales, or online shopping, refers to the practice of purchasing goods and services through the Internet. This process will reflect the process of purchasing items from a department store
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Sales Overview

Door to Door Sales:Door to door sales is a type of direct sales technique where a salesperson will try and establish a direct relationship with a consumer in order to
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Telephone Sales

Telesales, also known as telemarketing, is a process by which companies attempt to solicit customers through telephone calls. A telesales representative will market a product using a predetermined sales pitch
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Personal Income Rose in all Metropolitan Areas in 2011Personal Income Rose in all Metropolitan Areas in 2011 On November 26, 2012, the Bureau of Economic Analysis under the Department of Commerce announced that personal income increased in all 366 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs)—the first time since 2007.
Use Caution when Buying Decorative Contact LensesUse Caution when Buying Decorative Contact Lenses Decorative contact lenses are a popular item, especially when holidays like Halloween are just around the corner.
Standard Parking Corp. to Reduce Interests in 29 CitiesStandard Parking Corp. to Reduce Interests in 29 Cities Following Standard Parking Corporation’s proposed acquisition of Central Parking Corporation, the Department of Justice is requiring the company to divest its interests within 29 cities and 21 states.

Guide To: Consumer Lawyers

Guide to Finding Consumer LawyerGuide to Finding Consumer Lawyer How do I find a Consumer Lawyer? Consumer law helps to protect everyday consumers from unfair and harmful actions of suppliers and sellers of products.