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Read This To Find Out How To Get On The No Call List

Read This To Find Out How To Get On The No Call List

What is the No Call List?

The No Call List, also known as the National Do Not Call
Registry, is a provision within consumer rights that is intended to give
consumers in the United States the opportunity to limit the number of
telemarketing calls they receive.

The No Call List was implemented by the United States Federal
Trade Commission on June 27 of 2003. The law was created to facilitate
compliance issues with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.

Although the law was implemented on June 27, 2003, enforcement
of the No Call List started on October 1, 2003. As of January 1, 2005, all
telemarketers operating in the United States have up to 31 days from the date a
telephone number was registered to cease calling that specific number. 

The No Call List is only enforced for land line numbers. FCC
regulations prohibit telemarketers from contacting cellular phone numbers using
automatic dialing systems. If an individual wishes to have a specific
telemarketer stop calling them, but does not want to be placed on the No Call List,
they may ask the specific caller to put the number on the company’s unique No Call
List. This list, although effectively limits the number of telemarketer calls
made by a specific company, does not place the underlying telephone number on
the national No Call List. 

How do I place my telephone number on the No Call List?

To register your telephone number on the national No Call List,
you may call 1-888-382-1222. By contacting this number, you will effectively
block all telemarketers operating within the United States from contacting you
concerning various promotions, offers, products, or services. Registering on
the No Call List incorporates law that will provide exceptions to a blanket no
call ruling. Furthermore, separate laws and regulations are applied to
robocalls or automated calls that are in the United States.

Exceptions to the No Call List:

When you place your number on the No Call List, you will block
most, but not all, unsolicited   calls.
The following calls or companies are exempt from the No Call List, as granted
by existing Federal laws and regulations:

The No Call List only
applies to residential lines. Business lines are not able to place their number
on the No Call List.

Individuals on the No Call
List will still receive calls from political or religious organizations.

Non-profit organizations
are exempt from the No Call List.

An individual will
still receive calls from those companies who conduct surveys.

Individuals will also receive calls from companies with which
the individual has an existing business relationship for up to 18 months after
his or her last payment, purchase, or delivery. In these scenarios, the
individual must specifically ask the company to cease calling them.

A person may still
receive calls from companies (up to 31 days) after submitting an application or
specific inquiry to that company.

Individuals, regardless
of their status on the No Call List, may also receive calls from debt or bill
collectors. These agencies, however, are regulated by other laws, such as those
that limit them to calling during “reasonable or business hours.”