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What You Didn’t Know About the Do Not Call List

What You Didn't Know About the Do Not Call List

A Do Not Call Registry has been the response given to the citizens of the United States in the fight to stop having telemarketers calling households. This came about because there were a number of telemarketing businesses that would obtain the numbers of households throughout the states where they were headquartered or throughout the United States.
Once these telemarketers got a hold of the citizens’ numbers, marketers began calling households every day asking them if they would like to purchase different types of goods or if they would like to enlist in certain services.
There were only some telemarketing businesses that provided legitimate services. Often many telemarketing companies were scams and people would lose money because of them.  A Do Not Call Registry is a place where an individual or a household can put their numbers on a Do Not Call list. This Do Not Call list is updated frequently and is supposed to be available to telemarketers and various other marketing firms in order for them to check to see if the numbers they have been assigned are on the list.
When it comes to a Do Not Call Registry, the timeframe in which calls might still come in from telemarketers is less than a month. After that, the marketing calls are supposed to stop. If this does not occur, individuals are encouraged to file a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry that they used.